North Korea Documetary

Fast facts about North Korea:

1. In North Korea, every mobile phone that is being sold should be approved by the government of North Korea. Which places special apps on the phone to track the movement of the user and what they Converse over the phone.

2. It is estimated that there are roughly around 2 million mobile phones circulating in the market since 2010.

3. Every tourist coming to North Korea will be accompanied by a minder or we can call him as a guide. He will be with you 24*7 and will take you to the spots that the government of North Korea has approved.

4. The 38th parallel is the border that separates North Korea and South Korea and this border stretches roughly 200 kms and it is a demilitarized zone. It is very risky to travel in this border without proper backup as you could get shot down. This border was created during the Second World War.

5. The military service in North Korea is mandatory for the men and they should serve the Army for a minimum of 10 years.

6. Watching Hollywood movies or music is not allowed in North Korea and people watching movies from South Korea are sentenced to imprisonment for life. So the media which gets filtered by the North Korean Government only reaches the masses.

Video courtesy: Dw Documentary

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