Narrow Upper Jaw and Crowded Teeth

The most common form of maxillary or upper jaw discrepancy is narrowing of upper arch with crowded and rotated teeth.

The other problem that are associated with this type of defect is posterior crossbites where in the bite of the back teeth is collapsed.

The shape of the Upper Jaw is often described as hour glass shaped.

As you can see in the picture below

There are two treatment options for this condition one is by using orthodontic therapy and the other is by using surgical approach

The orthodontic treatment can be carried out in patients where age is less than 15 years and the orthodontic treatment involves expanding the Arch and then correcting the rotations in the teeth with regular braces therapy.

Why 15 years? It is age when sutures gets completely closed between the bones in the Upper Jaw, so any expansion tried after the sutures are completely closed is dangerous and can lead to side-effects.

The surgical treatment on the other hand is carried out where in  the patient’s age is above 15 years and involves sectioning of the bone to give proper expansion and finally the teeth are aligned in place.

Surgical procedures can be short and you can get a change in appearance in matter of few weeks.




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